[29/06/20] New PhD position on Numerical methods for power system simulations

[20/06/20] Our paper Enhanced MPC for Fast Frequency Control in Inverter-Dominated Power Systems was accepted at SEST 2020 and also ranked among the top 10% of accepted papers.

[04/06/20] New journal paper on MPC-Based Fast Frequency Control of Voltage Source Converters in Low-Inertia Power Systems published in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems.

[20/05/20] New journal paper on Clustering Data-driven Local Control Schemes in Active Distribution Grids published in IEEE Systems Journal.

[12/05/20] Three conference papers accepted for PSCC 2020!

[04/05/20] A new media article on the impact of COVID19 to the electricity consumption in Cyprus (in Greek).

[01/05/20] Two conference papers accepted for IEEE GM 2020!

[13/04/20] New journal paper on Stochastic Unit Commitment in Low-Inertia Grids published in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems.

[12/02/20] Seminar presentation on Data-driven decentralised control design in Active Distribution Networks at UCY.

[31/12/19] New journal paper on A Robust Coordinated Expansion Planning Model For Wind Farm-Integrated Power Systems With Flexibility Sources Using Affine Policies published in IEEE Systems Journal.