Droop vs. Virtual Inertia: Comparison from the Perspective of Converter Operation Mode


Virtual Inertia Emulation (VIE) and traditional Active Power Droop Control (APDC) are among the most common approaches for regulating the active power output of inverter-based generators. Furthermore, it has been shown that, under certain conditions, these two methods can be equivalent. However, neither those studies, nor the analyses of different dynamical properties between the two control schemes, have investigated the impact of the converter operation mode. This paper explores the subject by investigating the two control approaches under such conditions, and determining when this assumption does not hold. Using time-domain simulations with a detailed Voltage Source Converter model, we compare VIE and APDC qualitatively and reformulate the respective conditions for equivalence.

Proc. of the 2018 Energycon conf.
Petros Aristidou
Petros Aristidou
Assistant Professor