A Data-Driven Two-Stage Distributionally Robust Planning Tool for Sustainable Microgrids

This paper presents a data-driven two-stage distributionally robust planning tool for sustainable microgrids under the uncertainty of load and power generation of renewable energy sources (RES) during the planning horizon. In the proposed two-stage …

Active Distribution Grids Offering Ancillary Services in Islanded and Grid-Connected Mode

Future Active Distribution Grids (ADGs) will incorporate a plethora of Distributed Generators (DGs) and other Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), allowing them to provide ancillary services in grid-connected mode and, if necessary, operate in an …


Towards resilience and sustainability in islanded energy systems


Creating Resilient Sustainable Micro-Grids through Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems


Optimal Dispatch of Virtual Power Plant using Cyber-Physical Controller for Real-Time EMS